Thursday, 4 December 2014

Unemployment Sucks

After leaving Sixth Form with good grades, I thought the jobs would just come rolling in. That's what my school told me anyway. They seem to only popularise the idea of getting a high-paying job and immediately your life will be full-filled. As an student at school, I was pushed to go to university. I know from 16 years old that I didn't want to go and I would never want to go. Applying though UCAS was hard work, and frankly a waste of time but 'no' wasn't an option. I applied to study fashion journalist at university because I was forced into deciding my future career at 16 and applied for five universities and got four offers. One was unconditional which gave a little confidence boost but I was determine to abandon my applications and allow myself be rejected by default. For around four months, I was pestered my pastoral staff and subject leaders to complete my application and give a response. The more students from the school that attend university, the more recognition and commendation the school will get. A stubborn personality is the only thing that helped me to put my foot down.
However, after escaping the UCAS pressure, I am still unemployed. At 18, I know I want to write for a living, but there's limited jobs in that department. I would love to sit and watch This Morning every day, waking up at 10am and sitting in a leopard print onsie while drinking ginger tea. But I like to work. Any type of work makes me happy, I was once the extremely irritating classmate that would check with the teacher for more homework before receiving death stares from 29 other students. Working hard, having projects and aiming towards deadlines is what makes me happy. Those aspects draw me to blogging, it's tagged with it's own personal pressures. But those aspects are the exact reason unemployment just sucks.

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