About Anika


(Pronounced: Ah-nee-kah.) I'm an 18 year old living in a quiet village in Yorkshire. This blog was started as I've always been very shy but extremely opinionated. I have something to say about everything but always found it difficult to voice my thoughts. That's when my blog was born; what better than my own little corner of the internet to use to discuss and complain about everything and anything? After 18 years of being the quiet tall girl, I have quite a bit to express... brace yourselves.

I studied English, Media and Graphic Design at A-Level in school which I enjoyed (as much as one can enjoy school) and was never really sure what to do next. As a young girl, I was set on being a fashion designer but then I slowly realised I haven't inherited my mother's textile skills. My interests are very broad, because I enjoy learning along with reading and writing. Basically, this blog is the very best way to keep my mind active while remaining on the sofa and stuffing my face with Maltesers.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

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